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Support Ex Fabula’s efforts to build community through the art of true, personal storytelling…
and enjoy exclusive member benefits!

There are five levels of membership, with solo and duo options at each level. (See Benefits Chart under Description tab below for level-specific benefits.)

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Support Ex Fabula’s efforts to build community through the art of true, personal storytelling…and enjoy exclusive member benefits!

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Level 1
Level 2
Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
$60 Solo
$110 Duo*
$120 Solo $200 Duo* $250 Solo $450 Duo* $500 Solo $900 Duo* $1000 Solo $1700 Duo*
First notice of season schedule x x x x x
Free tickets to use at any StorySlam 4 6 8 8 16
Workshop discount or free entrance 50% off 1 free 1 free 2 free 2 free
Ability to purchase Secret Fabula ticket(s) 1 per event 2 per event 2 per event 4 per event 4 per event
Choice of Ex Fabula shirt or mug x x x
Invite to annual Exec Director insiders brunch x
Invite to read UltraShorts on stage x
*all numbers are doubled for Duo memberships.
For example, a Level 2 Duo will get 12 free tickets, 2 free workshop entrances, 2 free season kickoff entrances, etc.


How long is my membership valid?

Memberships are valid for 12 months. Then you renew, so you don’t miss out!

How do I use my StorySlam tickets?

Tickets can be redeemed for entrance to monthly StorySlams, including Turner Hall events (depending on availability).

  • Use this form to reserve tickets in advance anytime until noon on the day of the event.
    Then, check in at Will Call at least 15 minutes before show time.
  • Or, you can show up and check in with Will Call to use your free tickets, provided that there is still room.
  • Either way, consider arriving early, as seating is General Admission.

What’s Secret Fabula?

Secret Fabula events are special members-only events held about 3 times per year. These intimate events take you behind the scenes of unique Milwaukee locations. Most Secret Fabula events have a modest charge of $10 – $15. For example, at Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge, 50 attendees enjoyed a complimentary punch; heard stories from the owner, current and former staff, and special guests; played Bryant’s trivia; and even had a chance to share their own stories. Other locations have included the Patio at the Pitch Project Gallery and Studio and Brass Rooster and the Hen House hat shops.

Can I bring guests to events?

We hope you do! Non-members can purchase advance tickets online or at the door for StorySlams, Workshops, and Fundraisers, pending availability. You can also buy a Duo membership with “Guest” listed as the second member.

Additionally, at Levels 2 and higher, members can purchase limited numbers of guest tickets to Secret Fabula events.

Do your events have age restrictions?

It varies. Some events are held in bars (21+), while other venues like Turner Hall allow minors. In either case, stories may contain adult content, so please use your discretion.

Are these benefits subject to change?

Wow, are you a lawyer? Good question. As it happens, yes, they are subject to change. (Benefits accurate as of 11/1/14)

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