Ex Fabula is committed to strengthening
community bonds
through the art of storytelling.

We celebrate the power of true and personal stories to connect individuals through universal experiences. Stories build a neighborhood, stable neighborhoods connect communities, diverse communities strengthen a city.

Ex Fabula partners with local radio stations to bring you stories in your home and in your car.
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Everyone has a story to tell, and we want to help you share yours! At Ex Fabula Storytelling Workshops, experienced storytelling coaches guide you through hands-on, small group exercises to help you Find, Craft and Tell your story.
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Upcoming Events
  • Oct 31 — Public storytelling workshop
  • Nov 5 — Waukesha Reads "Coming of Age" Slam
  • Nov 8 — Secret Fabula "Spirits"
  • Nov 18 — Monthly Slam: "My Life of Crime"
  • Nov 24 — Zeidler Center Dialogue featuring Ex Fabula Fellows
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From the Ex Fabula Blog

Ex Fabula is hiring!

I’m so excited to announce that as part of our efforts to strengthen community bonds through storytelling, Ex Fabula is now accepting applications for a part-time Community Connector. I’m imagining that some of you have questions about this, so here’s the start of an imaginary conversation between me (MM) and a fictional audience member (FAM). Feel free to comment with additional… Read more →

"Speaking directly to one another is priceless." Evelyn P.

The Great Listen 2015

by guest blogger and Ex Fabula volunteer Ann Marie Moss We humans have a hard time with listening. Many of us seem to have an innate tendency to think of our response within the first three words of our conversation partner’s comment, rather than hearing their their full statement before considering our reply. When I consciously try to listen for… Read more →

Ex Fabula is a volunteer run organization and wouldn't be possible without the dedication of our hardworking team and our many outstanding community partners.